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                                    True scholarship in every sense of the word.

                                    Academic Programs

                                    Start charting your path today.

                                    With a vast array of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, Northwestern provides students at every level with hundreds of options to suit their personal academic goals.

                                    Colleges and Schools

                                    Academic Study

                                    Take your learning to the next level.

                                    Picture of Teacher in classroom

                                    Choosing Courses

                                    Advising and Support

                                    Academic advisers can help with everything from selecting a degree or major to preparing for job searching or additional schooling after graduation. 

                                    Teacher advising a student

                                    Arts for All

                                    The Bienen School of Music offers classes to all undergraduate students, regardless of major. Options range from an interdisciplinary history of the symphony to the cultural implications of jazz, and many more.

                                    Digital Learning

                                    Northwestern uses technology to foster active learning, both in classrooms and online. Learn more about how instructors are incorporating educational technologies in the classroom, or explore our free online MOOCs. 

                                    Pre-Collegiate Education

                                    Enrichment options for the K-12 set.

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