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                                    Our People

                                    There is no single Northwestern Direction.

                                    A Northwestern Direction is a journey that each one of us creates and defines.

                                    Meet a few of the students, faculty, staff and alumni who make up the Northwestern community. You can filter the list by student, faculty, staff or alumni, or just browse. If you are looking for someone in particular, use the People Directory to find current students, faculty or staff members. 

                                    Vineet Aggarwal

                                    Vineet Aggarwal '16
                                    Economics major and all-star debater working on providing health and social services in rural villages in India

                                    Scottie Akines Jr.

                                    Scottie Akines Jr.
                                    Assistant Director of Student Life, Kellogg School of Management

                                    Kranthi Kumar Akula

                                    Kranthi Kumar Akula
                                    Regulatory Operations Manager for Institute for Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Feinberg School of Medicine

                                    Mariana Alfaro

                                    Mariana Alfaro '18
                                    Journalism major and Daily Northwestern editor

                                    Luis Amaral

                                    Luis Amaral
                                    Physicist conducting research on social and biological systems as a Chemical and Biological Engineering professor

                                    Neda Bagheri

                                    Neda Bagheri
                                    Engineering and Applied Science professor working to reprogram cells using computational biology

                                    Michael Barratt

                                    Michael Barratt '85
                                    Astronaut and physician for NASA

                                    Saul Bellow

                                    Saul Bellow '37
                                    Writer and recipient of the Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize for Literature

                                    Beth Bennett

                                    Beth Bennett
                                    Broadcast Journalism professor and documentary producer

                                    Christine Brennan

                                    Christine Brennan '80 and '81 MSJ
                                    Sports columnist and commentator with expertise covering Olympic figure skating

                                    Roslyn M. Brock

                                    Roslyn M. Brock '99
                                    Healthcare executive and chairman of NAACP's National Board of Directors

                                    Zach Brock

                                    Zach Brock '99
                                    Jazz violinist and composer

                                    Mara Brock-Akil

                                    Mara Brock-Akil '92
                                    Television producer and creator of sitcoms, including Girlfriends

                                    Stephanie Brock-Wilson

                                    Stephanie Brock-Wilson '16
                                    Economics major and fellow at the Center for Civic Engagement

                                    Austin Carr

                                    Austin Carr '16
                                    Philosophy major and Academic All-Big Ten receiver

                                    Ruben Castillo

                                    Ruben Castillo '79
                                    Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

                                    Simran Arinder Chadha

                                    Simran Arinder Chadha '18
                                    Honors Program in Medical Education participant majoring in Human Communication Sciences

                                    Kourtney Cockrell

                                    Kourtney Cockrell
                                    Director, Student Enrichment Services

                                    Danny Cohen

                                    Danny Cohen
                                    Professor of Instruction exploring education on the Holocaust, genocide and human rights

                                    Stephen Colbert

                                    Stephen Colbert '86
                                    Emmy Award-winning television host and comedian

                                    Kori Michele Cooper

                                    Kori Michele Cooper '18
                                    English major whose team won Northwestern's Intramural Global Health Case Competition

                                    Kevin Corkran

                                    Kevin Corkran '18
                                    Double major in Social Policy and Economics with a Chinese Language minor

                                    Lester Crown

                                    Lester Crown '46
                                    Businessman and investor

                                    Kathleen Daniels

                                    Kathleen Daniels
                                    Business Administrator, Department of English, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

                                    Monica Olvera de la Cruz

                                    Monica Olvera de la Cruz
                                    Materials Science and Engineering professor applying her study of electrostatics and fluids to settings like cell environments

                                    Tre Demps

                                    Tre Demps '16
                                    Basketball player and Communications major

                                    Mesmin Destin

                                    Mesmin Destin
                                    Psychology professor committed to understanding student motivation to begin closing the socioeconomic achievement gap

                                    Jack Doppelt

                                    Jack Doppelt
                                    Journalism professor and reporter committed to telling the stories of immigrants and refugees

                                    Mindy Douthit

                                    Mindy Douthit
                                    Learning and Organizational Change professor focusing on innovation, competitive strategy and cooperative behavior in organizations

                                    Rahm Emanuel

                                    Rahm Emanuel '85
                                    Mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff

                                    Genevieve Baesong Enowmbitang

                                    Genevieve Baesong Enowmbitang '16
                                    Human Development and Psychological Services major and Northwestern cheerleader

                                    Danny Fisher

                                    Danny Fisher
                                    Associate Dean of Finance & Business Operations WCAS, Administration; Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

                                    Christopher Flaim

                                    Christopher Flaim '18
                                    Theatre Major focusing on musical theater

                                    Gillian Flynn

                                    Gillian Flynn '97
                                    Novelist and screenwriter whose novels include Gone Girl

                                    Lisa Franchetti

                                    Lisa Franchetti '85
                                    Commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Korea

                                    Shruti Ganguly

                                    Shruti Ganguly '04
                                    Filmmaker, producer and Vice President of TV and Video at NYLON

                                    Joe Girardi

                                    Joe Girardi '86
                                    Former professional baseball player and MLB Network studio analyst

                                    Sarahmaria Gomez

                                    Sarahmaria Gomez '05
                                    Journalist teaching high schoolers how to become smarter news producers and consumers

                                    Matt Grevers

                                    Matt Grevers '07
                                    Competition swimmer and six-time Olympic medalist

                                    Steve Hafner

                                    Steve Hafner '97
                                    Travel website CEO and founder of Kayak.com

                                    Zahra Haider

                                    Zahra Haider '17
                                    Aspiring global reporter majoring in broadcast journalism and political science

                                    Kevin Hardiman

                                    Kevin Hardiman '16
                                    Learning and Organizational Change major conducting research on human-computer interaction

                                    David Harris

                                    David Harris '91 and '97 PhD
                                    Provost of Tufts University and former deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

                                    Heather Headley

                                    Heather Headley '97
                                    Tony and Grammy award-winning actress and singer

                                    Mark Hersam

                                    Mark Hersam
                                    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and MacArthur Fellow dedicated to developing new nanomaterials

                                    Kirabo Jackson

                                    Kirabo Jackson
                                    Labor economist studying education and social policy issues as a professor of Human Development and Social Policy

                                    Hans J?rgen Jensen

                                    Hans J?rgen Jensen
                                    Award-winning professor of cello

                                    Greg Jue

                                    Greg Jue
                                    Business Administrator for Mathematics Department,?Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

                                    Hayeon Kim

                                    Hayeon Kim '17
                                    American Studies major with an Asian American Studies minor and a passion for social justice

                                    Kyle Kremer

                                    Kyle Kremer '12
                                    A Physics-Trumpet double major awarded the Winston Churchill Scholarship to study Astrophysics

                                    Mihir Kumar

                                    Mihir Kumar '16
                                    Scholar-athlete balancing an Economics major with varsity tennis

                                    Elizabeth Larsen

                                    Elizabeth Larsen '15
                                    Economics major who used a Circumnavigator grant to study childhood malnutrition around the world

                                    Malcolm Lazarow

                                    Malcolm Lazarow '17
                                    Dual degree-seeker studying music composition, engineering sciences and applied mathematics

                                    Josephine Lee

                                    Josephine Lee '99
                                    President and artistic director of the Chicago Children's Choir

                                    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

                                    Julia Louis-Dreyfus '83
                                    Emmy award-winning actress and comedian

                                    Elisabeth Boyer Lusche

                                    Elisabeth Boyer Lusche '17
                                    Trumpet performance major

                                    Garry Marshall

                                    Garry Marshall '56
                                    Creator and producer of television shows, film director and actor

                                    George R.R. Martin

                                    George R.R. Martin '70
                                    Writer of short stories and novels including the Game of Thrones fantasy series

                                    Yael Mayer

                                    Yael Mayer
                                    Business Administrator, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science and Office for Research

                                    Charles Mayo

                                    Charles Mayo '88
                                    Surgeon and founder of the Mayo Clinic, the first group practice with medical specializations

                                    Dan McAdams

                                    Dan McAdams
                                    Chair of the Psychology Department and expert in the psychology of the American identity

                                    Bomani McClendon

                                    Bomani McClendon '17
                                    Computer Science major working at Medill's Knight Lab for Innovation

                                    Seth Meyers

                                    Seth Meyers '96
                                    Comedian and talk show host

                                    Yakira Imaris Mirabito

                                    Yakira Imaris Mirabito '17
                                    Future engineer who is passionate about materials science and sustainability

                                    Chad Mirkin

                                    Chad Mirkin
                                    Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology, Chemistry professor and advisor to President Obama

                                    Myrtil Nioka Mitanga

                                    Myrtil Nioka Mitanga '17
                                    Music Performance major studying cello who has found a faculty mentor and a newfound love of snowy winters

                                    Gary Saul Morson

                                    Gary Saul Morson
                                    Russian literature professor whose courses are among Northwestern's most popular

                                    Francis Mulhern

                                    Francis Mulhern
                                    Chair of the Integrated Marketing Communications department and expert on media technology's impact on marketing.

                                    Wendy Murray

                                    Wendy Murray
                                    Professor of both Engineering and Physical Science applying biomechanics to understand hand and arm movements

                                    Hamid Naficy

                                    Hamid Naficy
                                    Professor of Radio/Television/Film and leading authority on diaspora and Middle Eastern media

                                    Divya Narendra

                                    Divya Narendra '12
                                    Creator of SumZero, an online community for investment professionals

                                    Caroline Niedospial

                                    Caroline Niedospial '15
                                    Aspiring journalist and star volleyball player

                                    Spencer Park

                                    Spencer Park '16
                                    Dual-degree seeker studying Music Performance and Materials Science and Engineering

                                    Rebecca Parker

                                    Rebecca Parker
                                    Managing Director, Strategic Change, Kellogg School of Management

                                    Kara Pederson

                                    Kara Pederson
                                    Associate Professional Affairs Administrator for Institute for Public Health & Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

                                    Dorina Aguilar Rasmussen

                                    Dorina Aguilar Rasmussen
                                    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs,?Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

                                    Mary Ratliff

                                    Mary Ratliff
                                    Assistant Director, NUCATS Center for Education and Career Development, 2015 Employee of the Year Winner

                                    Virginia Rometty

                                    Virginia Rometty '79
                                    Business executive currently Chairman, President and CEO of IBM

                                    Jacob Rosenblum

                                    Jacob Rosenblum '17
                                    Major in Human Development and Psychological Services conducting research on body image, objectification and surveillance

                                    Sunny Russell

                                    Sunny Russell
                                    Program Manager, Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice, Kellogg School of Management

                                    Patrick Ryan

                                    Patrick Ryan '59
                                    Businessman, founder and former executive chairman of Aon Corporation

                                    Roxana Saberi

                                    Roxana Saberi '99
                                    Journalist and human rights advocate

                                    Eddie Sánchez

                                    Eddie Sánchez '17
                                    Acting student pursuing a Theatre major

                                    David Schwimmer

                                    David Schwimmer '88
                                    Actor and co-founder the Lookingglass Theatre Company

                                    Anna Shapiro

                                    Anna Shapiro
                                    Professor in the MFA Directing Program, Artistic Director of the Steppenwolf Theater Company and Tony Award-winner

                                    Carter Megan Sherman

                                    Carter Megan Sherman '16
                                    Double major in Journalism and International Studies

                                    Gwynne Shotwell

                                    Gwynne Shotwell '86 and '88 GMcC
                                    Businesswoman and President of the space transport corporation, SpaceX

                                    Richard Silverman

                                    Richard Silverman
                                    Chemistry professor whose research on nervous system disorders led him to invent the fibromyalgia drug Lyrica.

                                    John Paul Stevens

                                    John Paul Stevens '47
                                    Former justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

                                    Sir Fraser Stoddart

                                    Sir Fraser Stoddart
                                    Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry and recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

                                    Donna Wang Su

                                    Donna Wang Su
                                    Associate Director of Operations/Program Manager at the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

                                    Robert James Sullivan

                                    Robert James Sullivan
                                    Trumpet professor who played with the Cleveland Orchestra and New York Philharmonic

                                    Abhinav Veerina

                                    Abhinav Veerina '16
                                    Transfer student studying Religious Studies and Global Health Studies

                                    Wendy Wall

                                    Wendy Wall
                                    English professor and Director of the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

                                    Rocky Wirtz

                                    Rocky Wirtz '75
                                    Owner and chairman of the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks

                                    Teresa Woodruff

                                    Teresa Woodruff
                                    Oncofertility expert and professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medical Social Sciences

                                    Andrew Youn

                                    Andrew Youn '06
                                    Founder of One Acre Fund, a nonprofit that provides agricultural training

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